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Required Construction Jobsite Posters

Form # Title Use When
FHWA 1022 NOTICE Fed Funded
  WHISTLEBLOWERS KNOW YOUR RIGHTS(ARRA Projects Only) (pdf 96kb) Fed Funded (ARRA Only)
EEOC P/E-1 Equal Employment Opportunity is THE LAW Fed Funded
WISHA F416-081-909 Job Safety and Health Law Fed or State Funded
F242-191-909 Notice to Employees (L&I) (pdf 105kb) Fed or State Funded
F700-074-909 Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State Fed or State Funded
EMS 9874 Notice to Employees (Employment Security) (pdf 67kb) Fed or State Funded
WHD 1088 Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (pdf 71kb) Fed or State Funded
WHD 1462 Employee Polygraph Protection Act  Fed or State Funded
WHD 1420 Employee Rights & Responsibilities Under the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993 Fed or State Funded

For more information, please see the Labor and Industries Required and Recommended Posters (pdf 82kb).

The following must also be posted on jobsites:

  • A copy of the Contractor's L&I Approved Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages (Contractor, Subcontractor, and lower tier Subcontractor all must post)
  • Prevailing wage rates from the contract provisions.

After contract execution and before work begins, the Contractor should be given a package containing the appropriate required job site posters. This package should be accompanied by either a written or verbal explanation of the contents.