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SR 520 - News and Updates

Dec. 15, 2017 | WABN Construction Update

Learn about upcoming construction activities and project updates in the latest SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project Construction Update.

Dec. 15, 2017 | Program News of the Week

SR 520 bicycle and pedestrian trail opening to Seattle next week

We’re almost there! Only five days before we open the SR 520 Trail across Lake Washington on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 20 – in time for an evening commute or an after-dinner stroll!

Crews will close the SR 520 Trail’s floating-bridge segment on Tuesday, Dec. 19, to put the final touches on the trail’s extension west to Seattle. When the trail reopens Wednesday afternoon, you’ll be able to cross Lake Washington between Seattle and the Eastside.

If you have not yet watched our drone video or read our WSDOT blog post, check them out to learn more about the new connection across Lake Washington. 

#HumansOf520 featured story: connecting recreation

With the opening of the SR 520 Trail less than a week away, we’re wrapping up our weekly #HumansOf520 series with a story from Teri Nelson, who is excited to take her dog, Loki, across the lake.

"Loki, my 2-year-old Australian shepherd, has had boundless energy since he was a puppy. To burn off some of that energy, Loki and I spend a lot of time walking on the Eastside. One of his favorite places to go is the 520 Evergreen point lid – it’s the perfect place and size to chase tennis balls.

When I heard the 520 trail would open all the way to Seattle, I knew Loki would want to make the 3-mile trek across the lake – so on Dec. 20, come rain or shine, we plan to cross Lake Washington as a new adventure. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be the first dog to cross the lake on 520!"

- Teri Nelson

The right picture shows an Australian Shepherd dog laying in grass. The left photo shows a woman and a dog walking on the State Route 520 Trail on a cloudy day.

Left, Loki enjoys playtime at the Evergreen Point lid. Right, Teri and Loki happily brave the elements on the eastern portion of the SR 520 Trail.

Thank you

Thanks to all of our #HumansOf520 for submitting your stories. Your stories continue to remind us of the amazing people who make up the SR 520 community. We’re looking forward to sharing the new SR 520 Trail with you all and we hope you enjoy the new community asset.