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SR 520 - News and Updates

Aug. 11, 2017 | WABN Construction Update

Learn about upcoming construction activities and project updates in the latest SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project Construction Update.

July 21, 2017 | Program News of the Week

In case you missed it – the new westbound SR 520 off-ramps are open

Right on schedule, the new westbound SR 520 exit lane and off-ramps to Montlake Boulevard and Lake Washington Boulevard opened to traffic early Monday morning, July 17. Crews worked around the clock over the past weekend taking down a retaining wall, pulling up old asphalt, leveling land, paving new roads, striping new lanes and hanging new signs. Check our Flickr page for photos of the work that took place to make Monday’s opening a reality. You also can watch a short time-lapse video of the first cars to drive on the new off-ramps.

new traffic signs for westbound SR 520 off-ramps

So, what’s next?

Opening new westbound SR 520 lanes:
In late August, we’ll have another weekend closure of SR 520 to make ready for opening the 1.2-mile-long West Approach Bridge North.

Extending new bicycle/pedestrian path: This fall, most likely in November, SR 520’s bicycle/pedestrian path will open on the West Approach Bridge North, giving emissions-free travelers a new route across Lake Washington. We know many of you are eager for the cross-lake path to open. So are we! We’ll let you know as soon as we have a clear date.

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Heads up: Dial 10 digits to reach WSDOT, and remember that safety comes first when driving

New area-code overlay

With our region’s steady population growth, Western Washington is getting an additional telephone area code, and that means you’ll have to dial 10 digits – even for local calls – starting July 29. So if you want to reach the SR 520 team, be sure to dial 206 along with our 7-digit local numbers. Here are our main contact numbers:

  • 206-770-3554 (program info / staffed 8-5, Monday through Friday)
  • 206-708-4657 (24-hour hotline / for urgent issues)
  • 206-770-3659 (SR 520 ombudsman)

More information on the new Western Washington area-code overlay is detailed in the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission fact sheet.

State puts the pinch on distracted drivers

tragetZeroIconAnother important change in phoning takes effect this Sunday, July 23, when a new state law prohibits virtually all hand-held use of cell phones while driving. Starting that day, you’ll face a standard fine of $136 for “driving under the influence of electronics.” A second E-DUI will cost $235. This Seattle Times article and Washington Traffic Safety Commission webpage provide good overviews of the new law’s restrictions.

Transportation safety is No. 1 for WSDOT. Please pay heed to this new law.