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SR 520 - News and Updates

Oct. 12, 2017 | WABN Construction Update

Learn about upcoming construction activities and project updates in the latest SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project Construction Update.

Oct. 12, 2017 | Program News of the Week

Full closure of eastbound SR 520 this weekend

Monday morning, the eastbound HOV lane will start a mile closer to Montlake

If you’re traveling from Seattle to the Eastside this weekend, please be aware that eastbound SR 520 will be closed all weekend. Come Monday morning, the eastbound HOV/transit lane will start a mile closer to Montlake than it currently does.

What to expect this weekend

  • Eastbound SR 520 closure (11 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, to 5 a.m. Monday, Oct. 16): All lanes and ramps of eastbound SR 520 between I-5 and 84th Avenue Northeast will close.
  • Montlake Boulevard intermittent lane closures (5 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, to 2 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 15): Crews will periodically close lanes on Montlake Boulevard south of SR 520 for paving. Uniformed police officers will assist with traffic routing.
  • Round-the-clock construction: Crews will work around the clock to restripe the roadway, replace concrete barrier, pave the previously ground sections on Montlake Boulevard, and more.

Map shows that eastbound SR 520 will be closed from the night of October 13 through the morning of October 16, 2017.
Click here for larger image.

You can find the latest closure details on the SR 520 Orange Page.

What to expect Monday morning

Starting Monday morning, the eastbound HOV lane will start about a mile farther west than it currently does. We’re able to do this because the new West Approach Bridge North opened in August. The new approach bridge now carries three lanes of westbound SR 520 traffic between the floating bridge and Montlake, which means the old, two-way approach bridge currently carries only eastbound traffic. During the weekend closure, crews will remove and replace the median barrier and restripe the old westbound lanes to extend the eastbound HOV lane and widen the old highway’s shoulders.

The map below shows the new configuration that will open Monday morning.
Image shows how the eastbound SR 520 HOV lane will start a mile closer to Montlake than it currently does after an October 2017 closure.
Click here for larger image.

What’s next for the West Approach Bridge North?

Good news: This is the last significant highway closure for the West Approach Bridge North (WABN) Project, which means we’re approaching the end of this phase of SR 520 construction. The last major WABN milestone is the SR 520 bicycle and pedestrian trail, which we anticipate opening to Montlake later this fall.

We plan to start the next phase of SR 520 construction, called the Montlake Phase, in late 2018. When the Montlake Phase begins, we’ll shift both eastbound and westbound traffic onto the new WABN structure while we construct the new West Approach Bridge South and a lid over the Montlake Boulevard/SR 520 interchange. The West Approach Bridge South will replace the structurally vulnerable, 1963-vintage west approach. Once the Montlake Phase is complete, SR 520 will permanently carry six lanes of traffic between the Eastside and Montlake, three in each direction, including transit/HOV lanes.

Stay in the loop about the closure and upcoming construction by reading these email updates, following us on Twitter and visiting our SR 520 website.