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SR 99 Tunnel Tolling

This page gives the basics about how tolling will work in the State Route 99 tunnel. For information on tunnel construction and budget, please visit the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program webpage.

For more information on how to pay tolls on other Washington State toll roads, please visit the Good To Go! webpage.

Why will there be tolls for the SR 99 tunnel?

Funding for the $3.2 billion viaduct replacement program comes from state, federal and local sources as well as the Port of Seattle and tolls on drivers using the tunnel. Of that total cost, the 2012 Legislature stated $200 million must come from toll funding.

How will toll rates be set?

The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) is responsible for setting toll rates. They will complete a public rate-setting process prior to the tunnel opening to traffic. Learn more about the toll rate-setting process.

The WSTC will consider multiple factors in order to determine the best rate to minimize traffic diversion onto other roads but still generate necessary revenue for the tunnel. They will use the results from the investment-grade study as a baseline for their work.
How SR 99 toll rates will be set

Wasn't there a group that already studied this?

The Advisory Committee for Traffic and Tolling (ACTT) was convened by WSDOT and the City of Seattle to determine the potential impact of tolling on local streets and other routes. In March, 2014, the ACTT provided recommendations to assist decision makers and the Transportation Commission. Their work was done using a planning-level model. The current study is more robust, as required by potential investors.

In addition, our region is changing. The region has grown significantly and that means more people on our roads, and many of those roads are themselves changing because of ongoing investments to our transportation system. Stantec utilized updated regional population and employment data and incorporated the road projects and changes that are currently planned by local agencies.

How will tolls be collected?

Tolls in the SR 99 tunnel will be collected electronically, just like on all other toll roads in Washington. Drivers will not need to slow down or stop at a toll booth.

Will I need to get a new Good To Go! pass or create a new account?

A Good To Go! account and pass will be optional in the SR 99 tunnel. Just like other roads, drivers with a Good To Go! pass will pay the lowest toll rates. 

If you already have a Good To Go! account, then you will not need to do anything else to use the SR 99 tunnel. Every kind of existing Good To Go! pass will work to pay a toll in the SR 99 tunnel.

Will tolls change based on time of day?

Tolls will be based on time of day, similar to tolls on the SR 520 bridge. Tolls will not change based on real-time traffic conditions.